The association all styles kick-boxing was established by Pat and Marie Carney in 1994 to cater for all modes of kick-boxing. Another driving factor was that organizations limited fighters to participate where they felt free to do so. ASK allows fighters to participate where they want to and we do not keep ourselves busy with martial art politics and destructive, activities.

Bernie Van Der Mescht is a Sixth Degree internationally qualified instructor with extensive international and national experience. For him and his family, Kick-Boxing is an enjoyment and a means of doing things together. They also believe that kickboxing is a family activity to keep fit and extremely effective for self defence.


No registration fee is paid to become a member of ASK. One simply phones Pat (083 770 6022).


Principles of Kick-boxing:


·         Etiquette

·         Self Discipline

·         Confidence

·         Character

·         Sincerity

·         Courage


Students are graded twice a year according to a set grading syllabus. The first grading is done at the end of April / beginning of May and the final one done during November. The first grading is done by the instructors themselves and the year end grading is done by a panel of instructors. Senior Black Belts are graded at the end of the year during the first week-end of December.


Requirements to grade:


·         Good class attendance

·         Frequently participation in all types of competitions.

·         All fees must be paid up to date.

·         The student must with his/her second grading have their own equipment.

·         Prior to the grading the student must be told whether they are up to standard to grade or not.

·         A student who is not up to standard must not be graded for the sake of money or the pressure by parent, for we do not give belts away.



These are done annually in the various areas as to promote and improve aspects which need attention.



We attend the SA Amateur Kick - Boxing Association's local, national and international events. Those students who are elected for the SA Team attend the World Championships yearly.

Grading Certificates.

Certificates are national certificates certified by an international organization and are available from Pat Carney. The sequence of our grades are as follows : white, red, yellow, orange, green, blue 2 & 1, purple 3, 2 & 1, brown 3, 2 & 1, Jnr Black, Jnr Shodan, Snr Black. Due to the fact that we only have two gradings a year the panel can skip a cue / belt at the end year grading.

The Purpose of a style: To grade, train and develop you as a kick-boxer. We are a group of instructors who work together to promote Kick - Boxing and create opportunities for fighters. We follow international standards and develop our students as to compete at the highest level internationally.


WPKA World Champions produced to date :

Kevin Carney, Francois Carney, Francois Landsberg, Liezel Jooste, Wessel Els, Claudia Heijns, Stoffel Erasmus, Candy Chalmers, Bernie v.d. Mescht, Alexander van Zyl, Pat Carney, Christopher Botha, Bonita Muller, Henk van Zyl, Marie Carney, Megan De Beyer, Thea Pretorius, Celeste Venter,  Ivan Bezuidenhout, Juanita Volschenk, Natasha v.d.Mescht, Lulu Smith. (That In bold Blue are all from Red Dragon Kick-boxing Club).


W*A*K*O World Champions to date:


Dricus Du Plessis


Instructors who constitute All Styles Kick Boxing are:

Pat Carney, Marie Carney, Francois Landsberg, Danie Landsberg, Danie Bezuidenhout, Renier Muller, Shaun Moorcroft, Basie Terre-Blanche, Gerhard Visagie, Willie Botha, Rosa Botha, Roedolf Venter, Dirk Burger, Bernie v.d. Mescht, Bennie Liebenberg, Andrew April, Hans Stoltz, Charlie Ndlovu, Abdulha Baytte, Morne Nel, Dimitri Bialanis, Charl Haveman, Gary Swart, Petro Cloete, Mladen Bobic, Tommie Bezuidenhout, Nico Montgomery, Rashaad Essop, Francois Theron, Wade Henderson, Hannes v/d Berg, Moeti Holomo, Solly Mankoe, Joseph Maloi, Alpheus Mokinena, Martin Roothman, Moses Manaka