Equipment and Gear


Kick-Boxer provides equipment for junior and senior kick-boxers for all modes of kick- boxing. We import from the factories that make your top brand of fighting equipment which are internationally acceptable.

1. Head Guard:

Open face, with padded cross straps over the head and a chin strap that does not choke you. It is also adjustable to suit various head sizes.

2. Hand Wraps:

Stretchable wraps. Guard against using non-stretchable wraps because it comes loose as you train.

3. Boxing Gloves:


Genuine Leather with moulded inner and velcro wrist strap.

Boxing Gloves:

PU Leather with moulded inner and velcro wrist strap.

Both the gloves have a natural fist curve and the thumb is attached to the fist of the glove.

4. Groin Guard and Breast Cup:

Groin protectors for men and woman. The breast cup has been developed to slip in under your bra or sports bra.

5. Semi Contact Gloves:

Made of PU Leather with wrist strap.

6. Punch Bag Gloves:

Made of genuine leather with moulded inner and fist curve.

7. Shin Pads:

From left to right; ( left) Long fit full contact pad; (center) short fit full contact pad and ( right) sock type general purpose shin pad.

8. Ankle Guards:

For Thai Boxing. Black, the thinner type and the lighter the thicker type. The thicker type can also be used for sprained ankles. They come in pairs.

9. Foot Protectors:

They come in different sizes starting from a size 3/4 foot to a 11/12 foot

10. Focus Mitts:

Longer than the normal and can also be used to practice kicking. (Genuine Leather)

11. Thai Pad:

To practice the various kicks and power kicks.

Should you be interested in any equipment contact Buks 079 6067468